Squirrel Porn Games

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Nutty Squirrel Anal Rodeo

3 May 21

It is spring time and this furry squirrel Pistachio has already caught the mood... the mood of willing to fuck all the time! This game is pretty short but you still get a lot of options to make it most fascinating exactly to you. You can change appearance and clothing. For example put on her leggings and sleeves... along with round glasses and even a helmet! You can change her hair style, style of her puffies or include some piercing! Overall - create the furry squirrel girl of your dreams and play few sexual minigames with her straight here - these mingames will demand some pieces of the human body that generally not used so often in games like this! But if you would like this squirrel to go real nutty then try to find magic object in the background and use it. And don't forget to feed her with nuts - this makes her horny... very likely

Squirly Satisfaction

7 February 23

So in this game you will be able to fulfill your desire with woodland animals. Because the entire game takes place in the forest. However, it isn't always straightforward, since different species are found in this forest and each is unique in its routines and behavior. In this game, you will be required to select an animal that you like and within a set duration that the animal is going to give you, you'll need to complete the task. For every task completed, you'll be awarded points. The more tasks you accomplish, the more points you will earn.