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Fuck Town: Personal Trainings

5 May 21

If you will decide to visit the Fucktown today then get ready to play the role of quite succesfull coach at vocational faculty. You have trained a lot of students and many of them has taken the main prizes on lots of different competitions so your fame is now going a tinybit forward of you. Even your old friend which has decided to send her daughter-in-law named Jade in this sport wants you to took her in your personal training programm. Ofcourse you are going to have to meet with Jade one on one so you could personally check not only the flexibility of this youthful lady but her preparedness to go after your most strange commands as well. By these strange commands we mean all the kinky things that normally hapens in Fucktown and which makes you to get back here again and again...


13 May 21

An online game that is focused on sub-coaching and discipline. Training unflawed sub is one of the aspects of a favorite theme among manga erotica and should you be a lover of this type of entertainment, we've got another exciting game that is sure to satisfy you. Like the other games, this one will see you play as a well-known master who can train the simplest limitations of walking and yet you'll be able to see the amount of time and energy it takes for this to be a straightforward task. But, it does provide numerous moments of happiness! If you're not scared of hardships and prefer to remain in the leading edge in your field, we'd like to ask you to test your efforts to transform one more virtual model to a flawless woman who enjoys every moment of this lengthy journey. Be aware that hitting the clock's repeatedly can alter the speed of your clock. Let's get started.

Maiden Trainer

30 April 22

A great game in which the player must instruct and educate maids as well as having sex with them. You will be able to have sex at any time anytime, with any girls. This game is very similar to the game of the "Sex with maids" series, and you'll be able to enjoy it without interruption to the main game. The game will have the option of choosing from a range of girls to help you out in your home. If you're looking to have a sex session you can click on the button and discover what happens.

Lisa Gym Test

12 April 18

Beautiful and busty but stupid girl Lisa is studying at a local college. She has a gorgeous body and big tits. And she dresses like a whore. Today after classes she came to the gym. There is waiting for her coach. This is a muscular and brutal black. He makes Lisa perform various sports exercises in orderthat she would pass the check-up. But the cunning dark-hued wishes to fuck Lisa. He undoubtedly tears the topic from Lisa off. And then slaps hands on her big tits. After that, the black man makes Lisa suck his fat black cock. Lisa never saw such a fat dick and this is her first-ever experience. Definitely in a couple of minutes, the Negro is ready to fuck with a black dick taut white muff this pretty girl...

Sports Damsel

1 May 18

Being a sprotsman not only for own wellness and fun but also for winning prestigious competitions will demand not only lots of time but also a truly great trainer... and in this game you will be this trainer! You have already prooved that your students are quite able sportsmen but what stands behind your special training treatment? Actually you will figure it out from this interactive story and the fact that your new student is one hot looking chick will reveal these special methods in their finest. Long story short you will be taking care not only of her training schedule but of her other needs also. And most likely you already have some ideas about what hot and helathy student may have besides prooving to the world that she is the best...

Individual trainer

10 July 18

In this sport you'll find out about really particular program of assistance for people who wish to shed some weight. The point is that each and every client receives a private trainer that has some unique corporal action to your customer. In this sequence you'll see some fat man is attempting the program himself and also will find out what's the reason behind the program's achievement. The game is created just as animated cartoon so that there will not be some catchy gameplay whatsoever - all you need to do is thrust commence button, see and love. You can also use replay button in the end in the event you liked this cartoon enough to view it one more time. And when you liked it want to see more mature funny stories such as hthis then utilize the connection which you also can get in the conclusion of the brief animated narrative.

Slave Lords Of The Galaxy [v 0.2.5]

14 July 18

Even though the event of this game take place in some galaxy way more advanced than ours there is still a place for slavery. And every slave needs to be trained first-ever so in this agme you will become one of those slave trainers and will be working for the special request of queen herself! Explore your ship and use to explore the galaxy, get into multiple adventures and ofcurse pay attention to the slavegirl yo have to train for teh queen in the process. It won't be enough simply to click through a series of animate dscenes to win the game - here you will have to use your brains, try to calculate possible events and not only make chocies but also face the consequnces. Overall this is well drawn escapade for those who seeks from manga porn geames more than just anime porn.

Losing a Pokemon Battle

20 July 18

Cute looking but looks to be not very skilled yet pokemon coach sanity has been trying her chances in pokemon battles once again and this time she happened to loose. And very likely this were not such a big deal if only among the agreement made before this battle was the stage permitting the winner to fuck the loser! And yes, Dawn was so confident in herself this time that she has accepted these quite specific terms without any second thoughts... and todayshe will get fucked for that! Probably she was expecting that no one will figure out anything about all of this anyways yet since we can see the recorded proof she was obviously wrong. And now the question - how many else of rival pokemon trainers will want to go one on one against sin later seeing this?

Slaves of Amir

25 June 19

Slaves of Amir is a new interactive RPG fucky-fucky game. So you are the feudal lord of the local land. In the morning you wake up from the fact that you were awakened by a stupid guard. He informs you that he has found a new slave. You're not blessed. How is this slave different from thousands of others. The guard says this slave is special. He is smart and satisfactory. Maybe it's worth a look at him. You send a guard on duty and dress. You need to check the castle premises. In the bedroom, you see a guard fucking a servant. Well, let him have fun. With such thoughts, you come to the basement door. Heck. She is locked. You will need to find the key.. So you have to assist the protagonist complete all his missions.

Hire Me Fuck Me Idols

6 February 21

A brand new game in the "Hire me, Fuck me" series gives you an opportunity to be promoted and this time instead of being a manager at a restaurant, you'll become the manager of a rising star! This raises the one, because in the future, you'll be required to watch to be in control and only (if you're lucky enough) to take pleasure in the result of the brat's day-to-day activities.

Iincho 3

20 May 18

According to the traditions of anime porn games so retain this detected, this one is going to be in japanese language. The story that you are supposed to see and even take a portion in will tell you about two female tennis players and their male tennis trainer. According to other traditions of anime porn games after some introduction all characters will get very horny and the main fun will begin... Ofcourse if you know the language you need to understand their motives and even get what story is behind all that but if you don't then just skip all the text part through to get to the anime porn content sooner or afterwards. Game has quite interesting art style which you both can like or don't which can also be helpfull if the criteria of knowing the language is not enough to make your final decision on would you like to play this game or not.

Ciri Trainer

5 April 23

Due to luck, chance, or an erroneous mistake (or most likely a little part of it all) you'll be in the city of the Witchers. The last location where the shady thief is hoping to be found but somehow you managed to assure your fellow citizens that you're the an incoming boss. If you're the boss, it's your job to coach the most promising and at thevery simultaneously the most problematic of new recruits dubbed Ciri...

Paprika Trainer

30 May 23

The leadership offers the order for concealed agents to infiltrate the opposition and also make use of all readily available tools to damage them from within. In order to stay clear of drawing way too much notice, it is below where the basic skill to mate with unfamiliar people and also professionally adjust them can be found in helpful. The plot is full of amusing language and also black humor that diffuses the scenario. The customer obtains over ten uncut x-rated scenes.